5 Awesome Reasons To Buy A Luxury Villa

Luxury villas in WhitefieldGone are the days where people used to crave for 2 or 3 BHK flats. The new trend is for luxury villas that is a whole another paradise in itself. With the continuous innovation in technology everyday, People have also started to look forward to modern villas with the latest facilities and amenities. Builders and real estate developers have began to construct beautiful luxury villas with meticulously crafted amenities that makes your ‘house’ a ‘home’.

So here are the few reasons why you should buy a luxury villa:

Right Investment Choice

Investing your savings in a property whose value is going to increase year after year is the right investment choice to be done by each and everyone. A luxury villa like the Empyrean will always be a boon as it is a great asset gaining value for you in the upcoming days. The multiple returns from this investment makes it worthwhile to invest.

Luxury Comforts

A premium villa is always known for its luxury comforts. These luxury villas like the Empyrean provide everything in and out of it like transportation connectivity, social infrastructure with 24 HR electricity and power backup facilities, security safety, water supply, sewerage facilities, fitness area, relaxation area and much more. They are equipped with swimming pools, gym, yoga pavilion and also latest audio visual technology.

Smart Life

Luxury villas exhibit not just modern technology but also smart technology revolving around it. In this modern era, Technology plays an important role in each and every sector including homes. Villas are tremendously advanced when it comes to technology from their innovations such as solar generators, remote control window shutters and switchboards. This helps your home to have a techno-friendly environment that makes your living as easy as possible. Technology also helps developers to improve the quality of construction, while shortening a project’s construction time significantly.


Empyrean villas are designed or built in an aesthetically architectural manner so that it stands out from other properties. Buying a home provokes many desires but only a villa can cater to each of your desire as it will be exclusive and unique. Villas always strive to embrace the highest benchmarks to deliver all world class amenities, aesthetics and security to the owners.

Symbol of prestige

The luxury villas are the portrayal of appreciation of your hard earned money and efforts in the society. Villas help in specialising property owners to provide their guests, family, friends and relatives with comforts so that they can relax themselves. Luxury villas are a symbol of prestige with its beautiful flooring, State of the art kitchens, Sleek fittings and furnishings and magnificent lighting. There is total commitment to quality materials and exquisite designs in the villas.

The luxury villas are designed with attention to every last detail using material that allows owners and residents to enjoy nature. It is important to take time to re-balance, rejuvenate and relax yourself which can be made possible by luxury villas.


Luxury doesn’t need a weekend anymore

Whitefield, a prominent neighbourhood in Bangalore, used to be a quaint area of the capital city of Karnataka, until the IT boom hit the city. Post the IT boom, one can see that a lot of companies, not just IT companies are coming up in the area. Caterpillar at the RMZ NXT Building, TCS L Center, and Sigma Technology Park are some of the prominent companies in Whitefield. Recreation has gone to a different level, after the city’s biggest mall, Phoenix Market City came up in the said area. Whitefield is also known for its quality in education and healthcare, with proximity to many reputed research and educational institutions and also trusted names like Columbia Asia, Manipal Healthcare, and Narayana Multispecialty are set up in Whitefield. Having said all this, Whitefield has attracted some prominent builders to the area who have started building apartments and luxury villas near Whitefield.
Luxury villas near Whitefield is more or less a new concept which gained importance because of the hustles and bustles of the city life. It made people yearn for a life, within the city but offered the clemency of forest living. Villas are a form of Roman architecture, which were initially considered to be upper-class country houses. After the fall of the Roman republic, they were being used a monasteries and then they gradually evolved back to what they were being called, upper-class country homes. Initially when the concept of villas started gaining importance in India, they were considered to be reality escapes and hence would be built in an area far away from the city, so it looked more like a weekend getaway. But as time passed, need was felt to have that life experienced on a daily basis; hence villas in the hub of the city were the new in thing. Whitefield being the hub of Bangalore, has become a prime spot for villas. One such name in Whitefield is the Empyrean group, which makes villas in two phases. These villas are different in terms of their offerings. Each villa comes under a different plan, with a unique feature. So you could choose the villas based on the feature, that you’re looking for. There are different villa projects in the city by different builders, with varied offerings that are been leverage upon. So all you’ve got to do is, make up your mind on what you’re looking for, and pick the villa that offers it. Also it has to fit within your budget.
Villas connote luxury, which initially was thought to be on the opposite end of affordability but today we see quite a lot of affordable villas coming up. Also talking about the location of villas, it’s good to have villas in the hubs, or the working localities because then there would less investment on travelling from a commuter’s perspective. Be it luxury villas near Whitefield or any other locality, as long as luxury meets comfort accompanied by the bliss of nature, the project would gets a thumbs up.

Why Are Luxury Villas The Best Habitat For Modern Living

luxury-villas-BangaloreLiving in a villa is a dream for almost everyone whereas living in an integrated villa in cities like Bangalore is the ultimate dream for most because it gives a vibrant community of different families. A luxury villa in Bangalore provides high levels of integrity and professionalism. The concept of a luxury villa is also popular because it takes you away from the mundane life which anyone craves for in the present generation. Villas are the new way of living life and people take pride in living in a villa. The issue is there are a lot of Villas to choose from, so you need to consider top 5 reasons as to why you should opt for a villa as against an apartment or a flat.

Reasons why luxury villas are the best place to live;

The demand for luxury villas has a rapid growth where these villas in Bangalore are available at a reasonable price. It is also good for people with children, as they can have all the space they want. Villas are meant for their finer details in each and every aspect so that the living is comfortable and as unique as possible. They have huge space with modern amenities and has everything that one needs making it attractive. It is a symbol of modern high class living.


Villas are not just meant as a great space to live and to enjoy life but also meant to be an important investment. Property values keep fluctuating but the demand for villas are consistently rising. They are ‘one of a kind’ properties having rare features that keep increasing with time. The pricing of such properties attracts foreign investors. The main advantage of a luxury villa in Bangalore is that the investors mostly do not negotiate on the financial aspect for truly deserving properties because of its premium nature.

The high security level for family members and assets in the villa is provided through round the clock watchmen, surveillance cameras, burglar alarms, fingerprint sensor locks, etc.

Villas offer a space for you of your own where you can live without any noisy surroundings or neighbours. The residents can completely get an exclusive experience of Seclusion with peace and relaxation without any disturbance. It is a privilege of complete privacy. After the hustle bustle of everyday life, there is nothing better than coming back to some peace and quiet which villas do a better job of providing such services.

A villa offers many possibilities of customising or making modifications according to one’s own tastes and preferences whereas an apartment cannot give such platforms for expansion or conversion because it requires permission from the developers and neighbours too. Whether you want a cosy warm fuzzy home for your family or a secluded place for yourself or an ultimate place to party, villas provide the luxury to choose your lifestyle. Your villa exactly talks about the person that you are!

Why Townships Are Fast Catching Up in Bangalore

Luxury residential projects are catching up in the city of Bangalore and it is the new buzz word of today’s real estate industry. Most of the people are making a shift from traditional homes to luxury home which has been growing since a couple of years. To attract the buyers, developers are using variants in the same to attract them such as branded luxury amenities or Spanish styled Villas.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should go for a townships in Bangalore.


A township is built on huge acres of land with large open spaces offering huge villas and spacious apartments with top class and world class comforts. These townships are integrated and they present a community that depicts a mixed-residential format. They offer all kinds of apartments from 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments. These residences are well augmented with many amenities like a world-class clubhouse with fully equipped gymnasium, swimming pool, recreational room for indoor games and many more.


Unlike regular apartments, townships offer many amenities and facilities like private balconies, reserved car parking, 24X7 power backup, panoramic landscape and many more. Townships in Bangalore like the empyrean have additional features and facilities under it like the reading room, family lounge, professional facility management services, cycle track, skating ring, cricket ground, parks, amphitheatre and many more.


The whole idea of a township is to be surrounded by greenery. It is time to adopt to a new way of life as townships are trending day by day. They are wonderfully conceived and executed on a large area of land. It will provide you with a sense of security, safety and sense of community that you expect from a conventional housing project as well as  lawns, squash courts, etc of a westernised and modern lifestyle.


Townships ensure maximum privacy and greenery around each and every house so that there is ample space for a garden and own parking. Villa Sereno is one such property by the empyrean that is meticulously planned for your comfortable and spacious living along with the privacy that you desire. It has 3 comfortable size bedrooms with a private deck and many other facilities.


Since a huge number of families come together in a township, there will be round the clock entertainment as well as security which will assure you 100 percent peace of mind. Townships in Bangalore are a constant source of joy and fun. This is because if some event comes up or a festival, everyone will gather together and host a day of fun filled events.


Basic provisions can be ordered over the phone and they will be home delivered. Similarly schools, chemist’s shops and hospitals will be located close by to your rescue. A township will take care of each and every resident as a part of the family and extends after sales services too to ensure a happy living.



Choosing the right township villa for you

villas-near-whitefieldThe trend of township villas and demand for luxury villas in Bangalore is catching up as the urban areas are getting crowded day by day. Not only that these urban areas are lacking on future development potential and lack of residential buildings in such places. The city is divided into various sectors of people where there are people looking out for something much more than just a simple home and ready to buy their dream house. Villas with all facilities and well connected to the city, schools, hospitals, malls, etc provide the experience that people demand these days especially after their retirement. There are plenty of villas near Whitefield as it is a big township catering to the luxury needs of the people.

The 4 most important things to look out for if you are going ahead on purchasing a villa in a township are:


The builders or the developer’s paperwork from environmental clearance to approved plans has to be checked. The status of the land title, rights over the property, approvals from the development corporation and the local body also has to be known to see if the builder or the developer has the development rights for it. An extensive verification of the developer needs to be done by verifying his past or current projects for safety and security purposes.


Price is one of the most important aspects as the price keeps rising or decreases, differs from time to time or stays stagnant for a long time. Villas in Bangalore have a trend of rising constantly so it is necessary to note and keep a constant check on it. A villa is going to be very expensive, thus the total cost has to be calculated manually by the buyer to avoid any escalations.


A villa must have amenities like swimming pool, multi-purpose court, ground, cycle track, etc. The floor plans and master plan should be right in place so that there is no ambiguity. Villa specifications such as structure, common lobby, lifts, kitchen, doors, windows, railings, electricals, fittings and utilities should also be proper because the layout in the brochures can be different. The surcharges of the amenities also should be analysed which will prove beneficial in the long run.


Knowing the locality well in advance before investing is the right thing to do. Choosing a villa more proximate to work, school, shops can be a game changer. Metro connectivity, Proper roads and any other infrastructure development in future linked to the location of the villa has to be observed so that it can boost the return on investment tremendously. The location of the villa should also not be close to polluting industries, sewage or sewer treatment plants.
Township villas around Whitefield are the most ideal for the senior citizens or for the retired people so that they can have a peaceful and an active post-retirement life. They can take time to indulge themselves in their hobbies or interests. They can transform from the fast-paced city life to a quite life in a calm neighbourhood.

Independent Villas – The New Way of Living

Independent Villas in BangaloreLiving in a villa is a pride and prestige factor for people to show off their status as well as their difference of living standards among the society they live in. Bangalore the greenery city with better environment and known for its best climate with vast place to provide better living experience for many those who seek peace and sound communities living in harmony . Villas are the current trend and style of people .which provides integrated features such as open space and sitting area with an Exquisite greenery display, also with modern convenience including unique styles of building preferred by an individual which their dream being turned into reality.
Many opt for this facility being put in front of them reason is affordable and acceptable price ranges they get out of the deal they negotiate where worth of buying and value for money being present, and reasons are shown below.

Reasons to why rapid decisions are made to buy independent villas by many are:

Resale Value and investment benefit  

The resale value of the independent villa are growing based on the value of land and the property value constantly rising along with time. When it comes to the good facilities like free from disturbance and environmental pollution free area with apt basic needs full filled nobody can resist or deny the offer and definitely go for it hence the worth of money investment security is rigid.



Many dream of remodelling their house as per the changing styles and features to be installed in their residence where villas have a unique feature of providing plenty of space to alter or establish things based on one’s desires like setting up a garden or a playground for their children, or a storage unit, swimming pool, restructuring it with the interior design and setting up of different units inside the villa etc. this makes villas a flexible body making it a distinctive body form others like apartment and plots .


Complete freedom  

The independent villa is free form problems such as maintaining noise level or having a party at home or the disturbance faced from traffic also including pollutions, which creates an imbalance and restless feeling in one’s life so villa is free from all of these problems which provides peace and a calm feeling for the person in his mind when he thinks about going back to home.

Privacy and Safety measures 


Villas provide complete safety of the individuals assets and his belongings and family members with the inbuilt feature of security system and a watch man being placed in the entrance of the property .villas provide complete privacy from the tense environment with no peace in nature where calmness of mind is being absent with best of best services by separating one form the harsh environment and providing peace in return.

Income generation 

Villas can be let out for rental purpose for those who move out of the country and still handle the property at home country form the foreign country they reside in ,also villas are preferred for partying place so many might look for renting one which yields good sum of money.


The villas are integrated and featured facility which consist of storage unit, playground, football court, basketball court, tennis court, swimming pool, gymnasium, making it a complete package

Real Estate As An Investment Avenue

The capital city of the state of Karnataka, Bangalore is also one of the metro cities of India. Lot of factors have contributed to shaping Bangalore as a metro city. Initially the city was hit by the IT boom, which led to it being established as the IT capital of India. This very badge on its collar, created a huge influx of population into the city, which led to soaring demand for real estate. Consequently the prices of real estate started appreciating and that’s how more and more builders started moving into the city. If a survey of Bangalore were to be taken today, we’d see that there a lot of residential projects in Bangalore. These projects are spread over different areas of Bangalore and have contributed towards the development of the various parts of the city.

One such name that has focused most of its projects in Bangalore is the Fire Luxur Group. While choosing the location of a project, there are many factors to be considered. Firstly, the proximity of the location to the various essentials. Essentials include schools, colleges, malls, hospitals and any other source of recreation. Secondly, the neighbourhood and the aesthetics of the vicinity. Thirdly, the value of real estate in a particular location. Once done choosing the location for the project, its implementation can be focused on. Whitefield’s location advantage is evident from the fact that it is termed as the IT hub of the city. Whitefield has some very prominent tech parks of the city like International Tech Park, Shantiniketan IT park, Sigma Soft Tech Park and Brigade Tech Park. Also, Whitefield has a good vicinity, owing to which one can find many residential localities in the said area. Villas are fast becoming a common sighting in Whitefield as more and more people are embracing the idea of independent living.

The villa townships in Bangalore are increasing at a stable pace, owing to the upper hand the city has to offer. An investment today, may turn out to be a really valuable asset tomorrow. Hence one would need to choose one’s investments prudently.