Choosing the right township villa for you

villas-near-whitefieldThe trend of township villas and demand for luxury villas in Bangalore is catching up as the urban areas are getting crowded day by day. Not only that these urban areas are lacking on future development potential and lack of residential buildings in such places. The city is divided into various sectors of people where there are people looking out for something much more than just a simple home and ready to buy their dream house. Villas with all facilities and well connected to the city, schools, hospitals, malls, etc provide the experience that people demand these days especially after their retirement. There are plenty of villas near Whitefield as it is a big township catering to the luxury needs of the people.

The 4 most important things to look out for if you are going ahead on purchasing a villa in a township are:


The builders or the developer’s paperwork from environmental clearance to approved plans has to be checked. The status of the land title, rights over the property, approvals from the development corporation and the local body also has to be known to see if the builder or the developer has the development rights for it. An extensive verification of the developer needs to be done by verifying his past or current projects for safety and security purposes.


Price is one of the most important aspects as the price keeps rising or decreases, differs from time to time or stays stagnant for a long time. Villas in Bangalore have a trend of rising constantly so it is necessary to note and keep a constant check on it. A villa is going to be very expensive, thus the total cost has to be calculated manually by the buyer to avoid any escalations.


A villa must have amenities like swimming pool, multi-purpose court, ground, cycle track, etc. The floor plans and master plan should be right in place so that there is no ambiguity. Villa specifications such as structure, common lobby, lifts, kitchen, doors, windows, railings, electricals, fittings and utilities should also be proper because the layout in the brochures can be different. The surcharges of the amenities also should be analysed which will prove beneficial in the long run.


Knowing the locality well in advance before investing is the right thing to do. Choosing a villa more proximate to work, school, shops can be a game changer. Metro connectivity, Proper roads and any other infrastructure development in future linked to the location of the villa has to be observed so that it can boost the return on investment tremendously. The location of the villa should also not be close to polluting industries, sewage or sewer treatment plants.
Township villas around Whitefield are the most ideal for the senior citizens or for the retired people so that they can have a peaceful and an active post-retirement life. They can take time to indulge themselves in their hobbies or interests. They can transform from the fast-paced city life to a quite life in a calm neighbourhood.


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