Real Estate As An Investment Avenue

The capital city of the state of Karnataka, Bangalore is also one of the metro cities of India. Lot of factors have contributed to shaping Bangalore as a metro city. Initially the city was hit by the IT boom, which led to it being established as the IT capital of India. This very badge on its collar, created a huge influx of population into the city, which led to soaring demand for real estate. Consequently the prices of real estate started appreciating and that’s how more and more builders started moving into the city. If a survey of Bangalore were to be taken today, we’d see that there a lot of residential projects in Bangalore. These projects are spread over different areas of Bangalore and have contributed towards the development of the various parts of the city.

One such name that has focused most of its projects in Bangalore is the Fire Luxur Group. While choosing the location of a project, there are many factors to be considered. Firstly, the proximity of the location to the various essentials. Essentials include schools, colleges, malls, hospitals and any other source of recreation. Secondly, the neighbourhood and the aesthetics of the vicinity. Thirdly, the value of real estate in a particular location. Once done choosing the location for the project, its implementation can be focused on. Whitefield’s location advantage is evident from the fact that it is termed as the IT hub of the city. Whitefield has some very prominent tech parks of the city like International Tech Park, Shantiniketan IT park, Sigma Soft Tech Park and Brigade Tech Park. Also, Whitefield has a good vicinity, owing to which one can find many residential localities in the said area. Villas are fast becoming a common sighting in Whitefield as more and more people are embracing the idea of independent living.

The villa townships in Bangalore are increasing at a stable pace, owing to the upper hand the city has to offer. An investment today, may turn out to be a really valuable asset tomorrow. Hence one would need to choose one’s investments prudently.


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