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Luxury doesn’t need a weekend anymore

Whitefield, a prominent neighbourhood in Bangalore, used to be a quaint area of the capital city of Karnataka, until the IT boom hit the city. Post the IT boom, one can see that a lot of companies, not just IT companies are coming up in the area. Caterpillar at the RMZ NXT Building, TCS L Center, and Sigma Technology Park are some of the prominent companies in Whitefield. Recreation has gone to a different level, after the city’s biggest mall, Phoenix Market City came up in the said area. Whitefield is also known for its quality in education and healthcare, with proximity to many reputed research and educational institutions and also trusted names like Columbia Asia, Manipal Healthcare, and Narayana Multispecialty are set up in Whitefield. Having said all this, Whitefield has attracted some prominent builders to the area who have started building apartments and luxury villas near Whitefield.
Luxury villas near Whitefield is more or less a new concept which gained importance because of the hustles and bustles of the city life. It made people yearn for a life, within the city but offered the clemency of forest living. Villas are a form of Roman architecture, which were initially considered to be upper-class country houses. After the fall of the Roman republic, they were being used a monasteries and then they gradually evolved back to what they were being called, upper-class country homes. Initially when the concept of villas started gaining importance in India, they were considered to be reality escapes and hence would be built in an area far away from the city, so it looked more like a weekend getaway. But as time passed, need was felt to have that life experienced on a daily basis; hence villas in the hub of the city were the new in thing. Whitefield being the hub of Bangalore, has become a prime spot for villas. One such name in Whitefield is the Empyrean group, which makes villas in two phases. These villas are different in terms of their offerings. Each villa comes under a different plan, with a unique feature. So you could choose the villas based on the feature, that you’re looking for. There are different villa projects in the city by different builders, with varied offerings that are been leverage upon. So all you’ve got to do is, make up your mind on what you’re looking for, and pick the villa that offers it. Also it has to fit within your budget.
Villas connote luxury, which initially was thought to be on the opposite end of affordability but today we see quite a lot of affordable villas coming up. Also talking about the location of villas, it’s good to have villas in the hubs, or the working localities because then there would less investment on travelling from a commuter’s perspective. Be it luxury villas near Whitefield or any other locality, as long as luxury meets comfort accompanied by the bliss of nature, the project would gets a thumbs up.