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5 Awesome Reasons To Buy A Luxury Villa

Luxury villas in WhitefieldGone are the days where people used to crave for 2 or 3 BHK flats. The new trend is for luxury villas that is a whole another paradise in itself. With the continuous innovation in technology everyday, People have also started to look forward to modern villas with the latest facilities and amenities. Builders and real estate developers have began to construct beautiful luxury villas with meticulously crafted amenities that makes your ‘house’ a ‘home’.

So here are the few reasons why you should buy a luxury villa:

Right Investment Choice

Investing your savings in a property whose value is going to increase year after year is the right investment choice to be done by each and everyone. A luxury villa like the Empyrean will always be a boon as it is a great asset gaining value for you in the upcoming days. The multiple returns from this investment makes it worthwhile to invest.

Luxury Comforts

A premium villa is always known for its luxury comforts. These luxury villas like the Empyrean provide everything in and out of it like transportation connectivity, social infrastructure with 24 HR electricity and power backup facilities, security safety, water supply, sewerage facilities, fitness area, relaxation area and much more. They are equipped with swimming pools, gym, yoga pavilion and also latest audio visual technology.

Smart Life

Luxury villas exhibit not just modern technology but also smart technology revolving around it. In this modern era, Technology plays an important role in each and every sector including homes. Villas are tremendously advanced when it comes to technology from their innovations such as solar generators, remote control window shutters and switchboards. This helps your home to have a techno-friendly environment that makes your living as easy as possible. Technology also helps developers to improve the quality of construction, while shortening a project’s construction time significantly.


Empyrean villas are designed or built in an aesthetically architectural manner so that it stands out from other properties. Buying a home provokes many desires but only a villa can cater to each of your desire as it will be exclusive and unique. Villas always strive to embrace the highest benchmarks to deliver all world class amenities, aesthetics and security to the owners.

Symbol of prestige

The luxury villas are the portrayal of appreciation of your hard earned money and efforts in the society. Villas help in specialising property owners to provide their guests, family, friends and relatives with comforts so that they can relax themselves. Luxury villas are a symbol of prestige with its beautiful flooring, State of the art kitchens, Sleek fittings and furnishings and magnificent lighting. There is total commitment to quality materials and exquisite designs in the villas.

The luxury villas are designed with attention to every last detail using material that allows owners and residents to enjoy nature. It is important to take time to re-balance, rejuvenate and relax yourself which can be made possible by luxury villas.


Living the high-end life


Villas were ancient roman upper class country houses but after a while, they were being used as monasteries, that is after the fall of the Roman Empire. In the modern era, they have regained their former image, and range from suburban semi-detached villas to wildland-urban interfaced villas. Empyrean group at Bangalore, has built the city’s largest villa township with Independent villa in Bangalore especially for the ones who prefer living in a natural, beautiful, pollution free environment and all this at an ideal price.
Empyrean makes villas in 2 phases, phase 1 and phase 2. Phase consists of 5 villas, Villa corona, Aurora, Tranquila, Sereno and Pristino, some of which are 4 BHK villas and the others, 3 BHK villas. Villa Corona is spread over a total area of 6328 square feet, of which 5232 square feet is allocated to Plot area, and 531 square feet to the sit out area. Villa Aurora comes with a plot area of 4359 square feet and a sit out area of 345 square feet. Villa Tranquilla is a compact version of Villa Aurora that comes with a plot area of 2669 square feet and a sit out area of 426 square feet. Villa Sereno, is a 3 BHK project, with a plot area of 2153 square feet and a sit out area of 420 square feet. Villa Pristino has a plot area of 1615 square feet and a sit out area of 394 square feet. The Phase 2 villas, is a collection of 6 villas. Villa Athena, is a 4 BHK project of the Empyrean group which comes with a plot area of 3445 square feet and a sit out area of 734 square feet. Villa Antilla, is yet another 4 BHK project with a plot area of 3014 square feet, and a sit out area of 748 square feet. Villa Harmonia is a 3 BHK project with a plot area of 2325 square feet and a sit out area of 440 square feet. Villa Gracia, is spread over a plot area of 1808 square feet, and a sit out area of 296 square feet. Villa Aurelia, has a plot area of 2325 square feet and sit out area of 251 square feet. The last one under the Phase 2 is called as Villa Floria, with a plot area of 1808 square feet and a sit out area of 207 square feet. Some common amenities to all the villas include a tennis court, badminton court, squash court, volleyball court, basketball court, swimming pool, gym, children’s play area, multi-purpose court, football ground, cycle track, skating ring, cricket ground, parks and an amphitheater.
When it comes to housing, the location has a prime role to play. The Empyrean villas are located at 30 minute drive from Hoskote and Sarjapur. Also, there is easy accessibility to the public transport available. Through its project of independent villas in Bangalore, Empyrean tries to provide calmness of nature, away from the hustle and busy of the city in a fashion that you still have proximity to the city. Hence, if you’re looking for independent villas in Bangalore, Empyrean could be a choice to consider.

Villas, The New Way Of Residing


Villas were originated from Rome and were meant to be Roman upper-class country houses. However, after the fall of Roman Republic, villas became small compounds which were increasingly fortified in Late antiquity and sometimes transferred to the church to be used as a monastery. Then as time passed by villas re-evolved into upper class country homes. In modern times villas hold a similar meaning ranging from suburban to urban residences. Bangalore being one of the prime residential hubs of India has several real estate projects coming up in the city and some of which are purely villas. Villas have aesthetic appeal and hence carry a huge inducing quotient.
As stated earlier, Bangalore is a home to several real estate builders, one of which is the Empyrean group. The Empyrean group has many villas in Bangalore for sale. They have villas made in Phase 1 and Phase 2. There are 5 villas that come under the phase, to name them Villa Corona, Villa Aurora, Villa Tranquila, Villa Sereno and Villa Pristino. Under the Phase 2, there are 6 villas namely Athena, Antilla, Harmonia, Gracia, Aurelia and Floria. Villa Tranquila, is one such villa in Bangalore for sale. It is a smaller and a compact version of the Villa Aurora but doesn’t compromise on its offering as there’s so much it has to offer. It comes with spacious and comfortable 4 bedrooms, a living and a dining room accompanied, 2 covered car parks, a servant quarter and a separate terrace area. The total area of the villa is 3356 square feet, a break-up of which reveals that 2669 is allocated to plot area, 2607 as built up area, 323 as terrace area and 426 square feet of sit out area. Some common amenities to the villas include Tennis court, Badminton Court, Squash, volleyball, basketball court, swimming pool, gym, Children’s play area, multi-purpose court, football ground, cycle track, skating ring, cricket ground, parks and an amphitheater. Some luxury add-ons that could be added to the project at an additional cost are Solar water heaters, Split air conditioners, Shower cubicle, modular kitchen, automation, imported marble flooring and dish connections. The servant quarters comes with ceramic tiles for the toilet and room floor. On the whole, Empyrean through its project Tranquila, is trying to provide what any luxury villa would, with no compromise on luxury, spaciousness and the amenities.
Empyrean is one of those very few projects that concentrates exclusively on making villas and bringing together like- minded people. It tries to target that part of the society which wants to feel the breath of fresh air amidst the hustle and bustle of the city life. Life at Empyrean is never boring with a host of facilities, including a wide range of sporting facilities. There’s greenery, there are world class amenities and then there is The Empyreus Club, the exclusive club house at Empyrean homes, spread over 50,000 square feet of area. All of these factors makes Empyrean a prime choice if you are in search of Villas in Bangalore for sale.